Most food addiction, especially when traveling

Based on the research of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York

Even in daily life so you could want in certain foods, especially on a long journey to the tourist attractions in a country that is being visited.

When in everyday life is the inevitable thing very overweight, obesity, diet mistakes can occur when we are traveling.

Recent research from Dr. Nicole Avena on Icahn School of Medicine, published in the PLoS One journal, said that attitudes towards certain foods appeared to have a similar pattern with addiction.

Surprising results of her research, that most food makes people feel uncomfortable stress and physically is also the most experienced food processing, high in fat and sugar. Food like this after entering the straight mouth can increase blood sugar levels, and it was not a fluke.

The following types of most addictive food.

1. Pizza. Rating: 4,01
2. Chocolate. Rating: 3,73
3. Potato chips. Rating: 3,73
4. Biscuits. Rating: 3,71
5. Ice cream. Rating: 3,68

The desire to certain types of foods can happen to anyone, under any circumstances, including when we traveled, all the things that drive themselves to addiction, it should be avoided.

(Source U Widowati - Indonesian CNN, Huffington Post /Image Adelina L Turangan)


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