Cheap Vacation Packages Impact on Health

Based on data released by Cancer Research UK

Tourists in Lombok, Indonesia

Of course people like vacation packages at affordable prices and can go anywhere, especially for the age pensioners, parents who want to spend time in a destination country.

What kind of impact to the body?

Gili Trawangan, Lombok

According to researchers might be associated with the presence of cheap vacation packages that surged in popularity since the 1960s, especially after the age of an elderly tourists at risk of skin cancer or melanoma.

Tourists from Europe like places with sun heat valve abundant, especially in the northern coast of Africa, Italy, France, Greece and Asia.

Places that have a beam of sunlight that warms their bodies. Sunbathing be one way to warm the body, especially in winter, look for the sun with clothes on their backs, unprotected, such as sunscreen.

And, that's where skin cancer or malignant melanoma, skin redness such as a sign, dangerous diseases lurk.


(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesian CNN, The Guardian /Images F Benjamin)


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