Art in Island, first selfie museum in the World

Museum with a wide collection of masterpieces are made by replica

Do you like to take selfie pictures? Do not worry about a place in the Philippines offering selfie photo while on vacation as much in the museum. Of course, this is a reaction of a number of prohibitions which occur for tourists selfie fans in the world, for example in museums, places of ongoing music festival, and others.

A museum with the concept of 3D painting, so as if the visitors can engage with the artwork.

They, the management actually offers you to take pictures selfie till you drop, while enjoying a work of art, although only a replica, take pictures, but your do not touch/hold or pick it up.

Just imagine, when you take a picture with background Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, or posing with a painting of King Tut's mummy, great, isn’t it?

Do not be sad, after many restrictions selfie photographed in various museums of the world, such as the National Gallery, London, the Smithsonian and New York's Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Selfie photos had another chance, let's take a picture!

(Source U Widowati - CNN Indonesia, Independent /Image Art in Island Museum)


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