Finally, Chinese Tourist the Most Travelled to Bali

Previously, Bali has always been synonymous with Australian travelers

Uluwatu, one of the preferred places for Chinese Tourists

When you are in Bali today, it is not surprising when you see a lot of foreign tourists, mainly from Australia, do not be surprised if a lot of people say Bali, as a province of Australia.

But the latest records from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali Province in early April 2015, the extraordinary visits increase of tourists from China.

Bali is a paradise destination with low cost of living and traveling in Bali is relatively inexpensive.

Balinese Dancer

Happiness index of security is guaranteed in Bali, as well as the uniqueness of cultures and friendly nature, it is becoming one of the contributors to the increase in Chinese tourists to Bali, reaching 27.70 percent increase since January 2015 of the number 93 920 51 827 people become people.

Of course with the increasing number of tourists presence of various countries, including China and Australia, Bali should prepare better tourism infrastructure, such as a tour guide who speaks a variety of specific language of origin of tourists.

Source: S Lestari – Kompas Travel, Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali, Antara
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro, V Saver


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