Eiffel Tower and Margaret Thatcher Have the Same Nickname

The tower officially 126 years old on March 31 ago

Incredible and fascinating tower in the world, into the building and the tower is spectacular as the iconic tower of Paris became the most favored by the attraction of tourists arriving in the city.

You can enjoy it from morning till night falls, watch charms that soared into the sky, and when it was night, the lights will shine in all directions, from 20 thousand light bulbs are used in the Eiffel Tower to make it sparkle every night.

Citing news from the The Telegraph website, shows many interesting facts, among others, for example, during cold weather, high shrink tower about six inches. Even the winds are capable of shaking, the tower swayed about 6-7 cm.

Another thing to give facts related to the tower with the former British prime minister, they share the same nickname, La Dame de Fer (The Iron Lady).

Despite all the interesting facts about this tower, the appeal no doubt, because of drugging tourists visiting from all over the world as much as seven million visitors annually.

(Source CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph /Images DU Poucin, Asti Soekirno)


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