Tourists from Egypt increased to Indonesia

Based on data from the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia

Sunset at Benoa beach, Bali

Apparently this archipelagic country has gained a place as a tourist destination ne of the region, mainly due to the impact of various cultural promotion, and fashion into a boost foreign tourists to Indonesia this year.

Ministry of Tourism noted achievements number of foreign tourists in February 2015 was recorded as the highest in the last ten years.

Very interesting to see the country of origin of the tourists, for example, tourists from Egypt, China and India.

Tourists landed on Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali

List of central bureau of statistics below provide information of foreign tourists who experienced the highest growth in February 2015.

Egypt: 51.67 percent
China: 41.72 percent
India: 32, 96 percent
Hong Kong: 23, 81 percent
Japan: 18.94 percent

Tourist visits not only based on the data above, but tourists from Australia, which has always dominated the visit to Bali, in particular. Positive impact on the contribution of about 60 per cent of total tourist arrivals to Indonesia.

(Source CNN Indonesia, Central Bureau of Statistics /Images S Wisaksono, Ni Kdk R Riyanti)


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