Countries with the Happiest People in the World

Based on the report of the Third World Happiness Report

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Well, who knows you're in one of these countries, at least not feel the scent of life in these countries, people in everyday life, their traditions, food, customs and others which make them so happy ,

The report issued by the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Thursday, April 23, 2015, has compiled the ranking of 158 countries based on Gallup surveys from 2012-15 and analyzed the key factors contributing to happiness levels.

Of course you are curious where the location of these countries, among others are Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada were the top five happiest countries.

Bern, Switzerland

It is interesting to look at the ratings of each country, by measuring the factors associated with life, namely life expectancy, social connections, personal freedom, generosity and corruption levels.

As a reference further found that the United States is ranked 15th in the world, one below Mexico and three below Costa Rica, as the country is known to have per capita GDP of approximately one-fifth of the United States.

Despite economic factors contributed significantly for a country that is blessed according to the report, the contribution of the tourism development of a country can also show a country with a happy population.

(Source P Harunnurasyid)


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