"Selfie" Photos on Your Vacation

The current trend is to selfie anywhere including holiday

Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmangu

It feels amazing when a hobby that is being done trends, including the conduct selfie photo. If it does not do, there is always less.

Of some tips to master, in order to obtain a good image results.

This facility and the following selfie photo tips while on vacation.

1. Take advantage of the self timer or multi shoot feature. This will help, in a particular matter, we've prepared a picture taken by the camera. Pictures would be great with a self timer, and multi-shoot feature allows us to take photos in various poses in just a snap.

2. Pay attention to lighting. Good lighting and light will give good quality results selfie photo. Take advantage of the flash, if the light in the room to get the results do not support a bright picture.

3. Notice and creative when setting the composition of objects. Determine which parts are the focus, for example a photo in front of the mountains, and the mountains we face can be photographed at the camera.

4. Do not always have to shoot the face. This is the advice of the New York Institute of Photography, photo narcissistic or selfie also do not have a face. Maybe you can choose one of the interesting parts of the body in the photo, such as the newly painted nails hand or foot with a pair of new shoes.

5. Pay attention to the background. Do not ignore this case, the background of a messy room or dirty walls will exacerbate our selfie photo. Make sure we have good background before taking the picture.

6. Take advantage of the filter. Take advantage of the features of the filter, because the perfect end result. Available on the mobile phone camera, the face look whiter and cleaner, or maybe you want to appear in a vintage atmosphere or black and white photos.

Photographed selfie basically indulge in a variety of situations, so it is reasonable everyone wants to see theirelf in a variety of situations. Of course, including special events, while on holiday with friends in various tourist destinations.

(Source Bestari K Dewi and Precilia M – Kompas Travel, chicmagz.com /Images Anie Azliarpon)


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