Scoopy Café provide the world's most expensive ice cream

Black Diamond ice cream for US$ 817

The Black Diamond

It's time for you when it really wants, world's most expensive ice cream, in a café in Dubai.

The Black Diamond ice cream in Scoopi Café at a price you can get a small bowl, US $ 817. A portion is presented in two scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl.

Let's try it, even though it appears similar to other ice cream, but different processing techniques, because it is homemade, was a mixture of several ingredients, such as milk with the addition of liquid nitrogen.

So where is the privilege of this ice cream? Of course you immediately ask, try to look a little closer, slowly see the topping, given the additional chopped truffles from Italy, Iranian saffron and 23 carat gold which can be eaten.

Furthermore, the method of presentation with a spoon bowl luxury of Versace. And, the more special, because you are allowed to keep the its luxury bowl and spoon.

Just believe, not many people who try it, probably less than 10 people to this day. There may be the next tomorrow.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesian CNN, Business Insider /Image Scoopi Café)


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