Bloodmoon phenomenon in Bali

Occurred on 4 April 2015 in the central region of the island countries of Indonesia

Bloodmoon in Sanur beach, Bali

Natural events always invite the attention of the crowd, especially when associated with celestial bodies, such as the lunar eclipse that occurred on Sunday, yesterday.

Island countries everywhere are always identical to the beach and the sea, such as Indonesia, became the lucky fortune region witnessed the entire process is complete, especially in the central part of Indonesia become the region's best to look at this phenomenon.

Lunar Eclipse

People who live on the island of Bali for example, where they occupy the region became one of the lucky welcome, in addition to the islands in the east up to Papua.

Once a lunar eclipse that was followed by Bloodmoon phenomenon, a total lunar eclipse can be seen start the afternoon, at 16:00 local time until 20:30 local time, takes about 3 hours 29 minutes.

Sanur beach in the morning

The enthusiasm of residents and tourists who are passing around Sanur beach, and in downtown Denpasar, when the eclipse becomes red circle, a moment when the sun is blocked by the Earth to the moon.

(Source HN Fajrina - CNN Indonesia /Images Helena Nina, Ni Kdk R Riyanti - Denpasar, Nefo Ginting)


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