Five Terrible Rides at the Theme Park in the World

According to Stefan Zwanzger in various amusement parks around the world

Stefan Zwanzger in Ethiopia

Stefan Zwanzger from Germany was remarkable when doing activities around the world who dare, because he has been visited 120 theme parks around the world, and in the adventures recorded many special experiences.

Various rides terrible game has experienced, and if you also feel it, when in the sled, swirling follow the rail, down suddenly, and bobbing is an incredible sensation.

In his experience, which is contained in the website of The Theme Park Guy, he made a list of games that are harmful, and do not recommend you to try it. Unless you really want to challenge the danger.

His experience occurred in several locations, such as in Pyongyang, because sled ride uncomfortable and frightening, then the ghost train in Azebaijan, as well as the crazy ferris wheel in Nepal.

Soda Can Coaster - Eram Park, Iran

Here's a list of five rides that scared him, even though it may be a special experience and not forgotten.

1. Rusty sled in Pyongyang
2. The sticky disgusting ghost train with the curtain falling from above in Azerbaijan
3. The sled that threw passengers and able to make neck pain in Iran
4. Ferris too fast and screams as if asking right down in Nepal
5. Chairoplane vehicles are able to fly and twirling passenger almost horizontal and seat wild moves in China

Maybe you are interested in looking at the challenge of games rides like this. Who knows, one day, isn’t it?

-----br /> Source: WA Prodjo - TravelKompas, CNN Travel
Images: Stefan Zwanzger - The Theme Park Guy


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