Most Expensive Unique Flowers in the World

People are willing to buy at high prices

Flowers of Keukenhouf

The presence of flowers in life always gives its own color in human life on earth, the flowers are fragrant able heartwarming being screwed, makes the heart happy and excited.

Even being a good introduction to build relationships between men and women.


Here are the flowers that make people want to obtain a good price.

1. Tulip. Flowers are synonymous with the Netherlands, although the origin of the Turks in the 17th century, in the form of tubers - called Semper Augustus ever sold at a price of 5,500 guilders (1633), and the price of 10,000 guilders (1637).

2. Galanthomania. The flowers are named by the farmers with 'snowdrops' (Galanthus) and appeared in January. This small flower bulbs sold for 1,390 poundsterling by Joe Sharman.

3. Petunia black. It is black, truly black, obtained through recombination new color of some genetic background of the usual colors, still has incredible charm and is known by the name of Midnight Mystic. Thompson and Morgan buy hyacinth bulbs from Netherlands at a price of 150 thousand poundsterling in 1997.

4. Orchidelirium. The gracefully flowers with strands of colored petals are beautiful, but almost extinct so the price becomes so expensive, one of which is known of its kind known as the Lady Slipper. This flower is sold at a price of 5 thousand poundsterling on the black market

Well, all these things make people dare to get it at a fair price, even expensive. Try to see the blooming flowers, beautiful and unique, alluring colors and unusual shapes, there is a price to be paid for the plants lovers.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph /Images E Widi, R Rumambi)


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