Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay - Singapore

This event lasts until May 10 with thousands of tulips from the Netherlands

Perhaps you have always imagined tulips always in the Netherlands, was an event capable of bringing flowers native of the place of origin to the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

The presence to this place will not be in vain, Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore's largest park, various kinds of tulips, ranging from Black Parrot, to the beautiful Mascotte.

Just imagine when the tulips are all imported directly from its origin. The long journey so far more than 10,000 kilometers of the Netherlands, delivery by air, cargo temperature is maintained at a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.

With proper treatment, tulip can bloom up to 12 days in air temperature in the Flower Dome, over a period of Tulipmania, the temperature lowered from 23 to 18 degrees Celsius, even 13 degrees Celsius at night.

Are you ready to watch the flowers directly, there? Those that bloom in Singapore will be welcomed with joy.

(Source D Ngantung - Tribunnews, KompasTravel /Images PT Hadi - Singapore)


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