5 Most Travelers Origin to Singapore

Indonesian tourists the biggest number to Singapore

City of Eden Colors - Gardens By The Bay

It has been known since a long time when Singapore was considered as a second home for many Indonesian people, they always choose to travel to Singapore. This is consistent with data obtained from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 2013 shows tourists from Indonesia, the biggest number of foreign tourists to Singapore.

Next record from the STB were tourists from China, occupies the second position as the largest international travelers visiting Singapore. Singapore attractive as a tourist destination, the total tourist arrivals to Singapore reached 15.6 million and tourist spending reached 23.5 billion Singapore dollars.

Marina Bay Sands

Here are 5 countries of origin of tourists visiting this island country.

1. Indonesia - 3,089,000 tourists (up 9% compared to the year 2012)
2. China
3. Malaysia
4. Australia
5. India

The Fountain at the front of Marina Bay Sands

It is interesting to note that for most expenses during their trips, tourists from China in 2013 occupied the first position, wherein before tourists from Indonesia is always in the first position as a contributor to tourist expenditure.

(Source Ni Luh Made Pertiwi - Travel Kompas, STB /Images F Krisna Caturangga, M Kretyawan)


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