Finally, Visa-Free to Japan for Indonesians in January 2015

Indonesian Tourists in Japan

Tourism potential between the two friendly countries seems to be a strong basis for the discharge of the visa-free facility to Indonesian citizens who will travel to Japan and seems to be a synergistic effect on the contrary, the implementation of free visa to citizens of Japan at the same time, by January 2015.

Policies are long enough to be decided by the two countries, and at last through the meeting between the two Foreign Ministers in Jakarta, Tuesday, August 12, 2014, they approved the policy. Indonesia has implemented a visa-free policy to about 13 countries, before, nine of which are member states of ASEAN.

Heihan Shrine, Kyoto

Visa-free policy is a consequence of the dynamics of the active movement of citizens of both countries, as is known, so far there are four kinds of visa regime applicable policies. As follows:

The first is granting visas to require a visa in advance call (calling visa). Secondly, granting visas through regular application process. Third, the provision of arrival visa (visa on arrival). Fourth, the visa exemption.

Policies that would be mutually beneficial for the development of tourism and convenience for travelers to travel quickly, safely and comfortably.

(Source Kompas, Antara /Images P Widi Hatmi)


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