Family Holidays with a Positive Impact on Child

Traveled not only an impact on our personal experience, but a positive impact on families and children. This is the result of a survey which can be a reference for the tourist with their family.

Holidays can also improve social skills for your child and the survey results from The Adventure Company. They conducted a survey involving more than 4,000 parents in the UK.

1. Nine out of 10 parents said that the educational benefits for children, seen in the response performance of children in intelligence, to the development of their social skills.

2. Some 76 percent of parents expressed positive impact on children's self-esteem.

3. Approximately 66 percent of parents saw a change in the child about tolerance of differences within society.

4. Holidays provide sweet memories and fun for the kids, a double benefit to the child in giving additional knowledge that did not feel like they are actually learning.

5. As many as 94 percent of parents admitted the child's intelligence in the field of history, culture and other general knowledge, knowledge of nature, geography, and language skills have increased.

An interesting proof of formal education obtained by children in schools to help improve the quality of their intelligence, but the history and culture-themed holidays can broaden a child about a nation in various other places.

A holiday experience traveled with family can be a real experience with direct and effective visit.

(Source Readers Digest, Agustina - Female Kompas /Images Meiske Paath, F Benjamin)


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