Sawarna, Traveler Destination on Eid Holidays

Sawarna Beach be the belle of the beach tourist area of Sawarna, Lebak, Banten during Eid holidays or Lebaran holiday.

One of the preferred holiday moments in addition to year-end holidays in this region, the waves of Sawarna which always gives a charm to the travelers.

Travelers crowded the various angles of the beautiful beaches all day long, surfing and enjoy the waves that greets the shoreline in the vicinity, such as Manuk Pulo Beach, Ciantir Beach, Layar Cape Coast, Legon Pari Beach and Cave Lalay.

Shore wind blowing all face looking towards the vast ocean, beaches bordering the city of Sukabumi, West Java with an almost virgin nature has not been touched, high waves accompanied by strong winds give color to the surrounding nature.

Travelers love the natural surroundings, the air free from pollution. Homestay and the villa became the destination of the foreign tourists who come from outside the region, a quiet place to be crowded.

(Source Antara, Travel Kompas /Images Aki Niaki, L Pandjaitan)


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