Why Travelling to Thailand?

Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha

An interesting article in a tourist site, about the regions characterized by "Asian", taken from www.travel.amerikanki.com, on Friday, July 25, 2014. There is a few and one of which is of course Thailand.

A popular country for European tourists, but less well known in North America.


1. Beach. When you arrive immediately feel the white sandy beaches on the coast of Thailand, it is interesting and far from the city traffic jam. Nature, tropical forests, and listen to the sounds of the surrounding wildlife.

2. Cultural Attraction. The country rich with cultural, traditional performances and temples, such as the Grand Palace of 1782 which has charming architecture and spectacular gardens.

Tourism Belt

3. Relatively Affordable Price. For example, if you take a taxi just pay 30 cents per mile. Other living costs relatively cheap, various middle-class restaurant just $ 10, including a bottle of imported beer $ 1.50. The prices are very friendly to tourists.

4. Culinary. Local cuisine with a very nice feel on the tongue, be prepared to be hooked with a variety of special diet of various types and different flavors, that you've never imagined before.

5. Nightlife. All became happy, the nightlife begins in the afternoon until late morning. Nightclubs filled with clubs and beach parties. Thailand is different.

6. Thai Massage. Affordable rates for the services of massage, one-hour massage session is no more than $ 6, enjoy a traditional Thai massage to foot massage, and reflexology sessions, Thailand is a paradise of massage.

7. The Uniqueness of Thai Culture. This country is free from the influence of colonial countries, Thailand is an exceptions. Cultural practices remain intact. Country to experience Eastern culture is very different from other places.

James Bond Island

8. Forest. Thailand forests are mostly located in the national park area. You can visit it and camped overnight with various occasions, such as zip lining, white water rafting and elephant safari.

9. Local People Hospitality. They are committed to welcoming and friendly to travelers. Local residents easy to communicate, do not hesitate to starting a conversation.

Chao Praya River, Bangkok

10. Tourist Canal. Unique country in the east, the canal in some parts of the city while boating. Despite a political upheaval, but this time Bangkok increasingly friendly to tourists, very quiet, and traditionally like.

Thailand is one of the uniqueness in Asian countries, in addition to countries in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Lots of surprises waiting for you when making travel to these countries. Always available reason to visit amazing places.

(Source travel.amerikanki.com, Estu Suryowati - Travel Kompas /Images E Widi, N Devi - Bangkok)


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