Aachen, European city in the Charlemagne era


Thus an article written by a journalist in a mainstream media a few days ago, who enthusiastically wrote about this city, Aachen, the westernmost city in Germany on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands, the main kingdom city with an European dimension in the era of the Emperor of Charlemagne.


City that combines modern building with wide windows lined up, passing pedestrians on the sidewalks, and parks are scattered in some corner of the city with old buildings with distinctive architecture that able to dazzle the tourists and other visitors in the city.

Nobis Printen am Dom, Bakery Shop

Portray the city of tradition and progress walk together towards the future. Take your time to look at the Aachen Cathedral, pointed peak towering over the other buildings.


Aachen town hall building, Haus Löwenstein, and Elisenbrunnen who had undergone during the past centuries.

Kaiser Wilhelm am Markt, Cafe Goldenen Swan

When you are down town, trees, sidewalks, parks, and pedestrian streets pampering while jogged on the track path in the gardens.

Find some coffe in Kafe Kittel

Maybe you can find something special, by walk on to enjoy the city of Aachen.

KaufHof Department Store

The best time to visit this city is in summertime when temperatures ranging from 13-18 degrees Celsius, the moment to come out and walk to enjoy the city, especially for the tourists.

(Source Mukhamad Kurniawan - Kompas, KH Sirait - Aachen, Travel Kompas /Images Koramen H Sirait)


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