Belitung tourist region Ready for Tourists

Are they ready for the availability level of the inn?

The Giant Rock at Tanjung Tinggi

Tourists increase is a sign for the Belitung tourist area of particular concern, the number of tourist arrivals from 2008 to 2013 mentioned jumped to 411 percent of both domestic and foreign, but immediately raised the question of the availability level of the inn.

The fishermen boat

The local government immediately fix the infrastructure, travelers need to make lodging and air tickets to return home, so your plan traveled not disturbed.

The Lighthouse of Lengkuas Island

Exotic tourist area with a view decorating the blue water, white sand spread out like a rug. Walking along the infrastructure, such as the Belitung Highland Resort is located in Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

The white sands of Tanjung Tinggi, Belitung

Some of the facilities offered at other several tourist resort, including, Floating Waterpark, Pirates of Belitung, Sky Spa, Sky Gym, Beach Club and Yacht Service.

The Rocks

Trips to Belitung (aka Billiton) should receive attention, the beauty of nature is always a charm, but the satisfaction of tourists always received the attention.

(Source Antara, Travel Kompas /Images R Mailisa, V Saver)


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