Hotels with Unique Facilities

Spa in Bali

Maybe for most tourists, staying in a hotel is a place of rest on the way in tourist destinations. If you experience for yourself how a hotel serving their guests, can certainly look at the uniqueness that can be provided by the hotel.

Some hotels in the world that provides a unique facility to their guest - citing an article published in a tourist site. Here are some hotels with special facilities.

Milestone Hotel, London. Guests get a choice of world-renowned soap at check-in with various fragrance perfume, ranging from aloe vera, pear or a mixture of milk and lavender.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Hotels in this special building offers guests a tablet computer when you check in, the Apple iPad wrapped in 24-carat gold serves as a virtual guide. It's easy to find information about the hotel good service restaurants, spas and other service facilities.

Spa in Bali. You will be pampered with spa packages start for children up to the parents, enjoy foot care, nail care until the body massage. It'll be fun.

Mira Moon Phone

The Mira Moon Hotel, Hong Kong. They lend guests a mobile phone with the list of application of restaurants, maps, up to discounted rates for hotel guests.

New York's Affinia Hotels. They are ready to assist you in any opportunity, just by reading the body language of the guests. The hotel clerk promptly serve your needs, when they see you're confused or need something.

There is always a special experience for travelers wherever they choose the place to stay/hotel, maybe you have a special variety of unique experiences.

(Source, F Prawitasari - Travel Kompas /Images Karma Kandara Bali Spa, The Mira Moon Hotel)


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