SubliMotion, World's Most Expensive Restaurants

Culinary experience is like being in a laboratory that challenges every human senses


Different sensation when the windows in the room becomes dark opaque, and then slowly turned into a transparent, fluorescent light in all directions. You will see a space in it, looks a complete kitchen with the chefs, then the room turned dark. Where next?

A voice takes you on a luminous screen accompanied by iron elevator and simulators, music echoed, supposing you imagine being taken the plunge into the underground, all-white room contains a table and white chairs.

The game of light and laser effects are different for each menu comes out.

The Menu

There are other sensations, when the room temperature changes, even the fragrant aroma fills the room changed to adjust to each dish, along with the music playing softly. Bloody Mary with a test tube, frozen olive oil with nitrogen, and then added to the bread and tomatoes, showing a modern twist on traditional Spanish dishes, Pan con Tomate. Special, isn’t it?

Paco Roncero

Just go to the island of Ibiza, a unique restaurant that only accepts 12 guests, only. SubliMotion inside the Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza. We recommend that you prepare yourself for a spend of USD 2000 a person for 2.5 hours along with the concept of a unique dish famous chef, Paco Roncero. Special experience for tourists who choose this place as a journey.

(Source SubliMotion, Michael - Travel Kompas, Dailymail /Images SubliMotion)


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