Russian and Chinese Tourists, the largest market share for European Tourism

Tourist visits to Europe increased by 5 percent

Tourists in Buckingham Palace

In 2013 became the year's favorable for European tourism, global tourist arrivals grew by about 5 percent to reach 1.1 million tourists. No need to be surprised with the European tourism potential, the blue continent benefit from this growth, with the arrival of foreign tourists as many as 29 million more than in 2012, grew by 5 percent.

Russian and Chinese tourists recorded the largest market share of tourism region in Europe in the last 2013 years.

Adina Apartment Hotel, Berlin

The impact is most striking is the parallel growth of hotels in Europe, such as Far East Hospitality, a subsidiary of Far East Orchard Limited in the hospitality sector, last week acquired four hotels in Europe located in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark which operates under the management of Adina Apartment Hotels.

The Adina Deluxe Room

Tourism has become a new force in the dynamics among the nations of the world in welcoming tourist arrivals from various nations.

(Source The Hotels, Kompas /Images Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin)


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