Premium Class Flight Most Liked in the Middle East Region

People in the Region Increasingly Happy to Travel

Emirates Boeing 777-200LR

This area is growing in terms of economic growth, the positive impact seen on various airlines that play a role in moving people to different places in the world.

The Residence by Etihad

This positive movement of people to various locations and cities clearly visible on the airline in the Middle East, it is very surprising that the requested flight class consumers is Premium Class. Denotes an interesting situation of population demographics activity in the region increasingly financially, including a tendency to travel.

Tablette Cocktail

According to the IATA average passenger growth in the world reached 4.7 percent through June, and growth through 2016 passenger aircraft in the world reached 3.6 billion people, including the growing tourism activity in various regions of the world.

(Source IATA, Kompas /Images Emirates, Etihad, Air France)


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