Tourists from Southeast Asia is Frequently Traveled

96 percent of them are planned to flight abroad in 2014

This is the result of a survey of well-known travel site, TripAdvisor to 1,200 respondents from Southeast Asia, gives an interesting description of some complaints about the generally experienced by airline passengers.

Some complaints are often found, for example, as an uncomfortable seat, leg room is limited and flight schedule changes can not be predicted or even a flight cancellation, citing information from the Regional Director TripAdvisor Flights, APAC, Andrew Wong.

Here are some common passenger complaints.

1. The legroom is limited/narrow (28%).
2. Uncomfortable seating (24%).
3. Flight schedule changes.
4. Cancellation of flight.
5. Cost of flights and ticket prices are expensive.
6. Long queue security checks.
7. The commotion caused by the crying children.

In addition to the long haul flight more than four hours, most of the respondents, approximately 80 percent are willing to pay extra for a bigger leg room.

More interestingly, passengers who want a quiet atmosphere in their way, this is indicated by 48 percent of respondents willing to pay extra to sit in the free area of children.

(Source Ni Luh Made Pertiwi - Kompas Travel, TripAdvisor /Image Ni Kdk R Riyanti, Singapore Airlines)


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