Stepping Stones in Borobudur Temple will Wood Coated

Have you ever climbed a ladder to the top of Borobudur Temple? Perhaps we often see tourists who are visiting in the area of the temple in Magelang, Central Java and see their activity to try to ride at each step, there is 2,033 stair stepping stones to reach to the top.

Time becomes a barrier to health of that stair stepping stones in order to pass through a long period as one of the great cultural wealth of relics from the past – the biggest Buddhist temple in Asia, would need maintenance efforts to minimize impact damage and wear of rocks as a result of the visitors footrest.

Type of wood that will be selected in consideration of the Borobudur Conservation Agency (Balai Konservasi Borobudur), for example, two kinds of wood such as teak and ironwood. Visitors will feel different, because the wood add to the uniqueness and artistic value of the temple.

The stair stepping stones spread east as many as 512 stones, 528 stones in the west, north of 456 stones and 537 stones in the south.

Wood, according to the Borobudur Conservation Agency, is the most appropriate material as a coating material rocks. Intensive and continuous treatment is imperative in maintaining the temple building from damage and wear, as being particularly under pressure, the biggest friction of the legs of the tourists who are visiting.

(Source Kompas, Balai Konservasi Borobudur /Images Wahid Ar Photography)


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