Copenhagen, City of the World's Best Quality of Life

Amalienborg Palace

Look at the bright happy faces, fashionable dress while walking around enjoying the sun shining softly. Some passengers bikes filled the streets of the town, the townspeople very fond of bicycles as a means of transportation. Bicycle is a lifestyle, so you do not have to wonder if the city is also known as the city of bicycles.

Copenhagen is the city for the people who are happy, so is a survey of the Monocle magazine - based in the UK, through a survey of The Monocle Global Quality of Life Survey 2013, and in 2014 became the third consecutive year for Copenhagen was named the city with the best quality of life in world.


Criteria set out in the survey include security/crime, international connectivity, weather/sunshine, quality of architecture, public transportation, tolerance, environmental issues, access to nature, urban design, business conditions, the development of a proactive policy, and health services.

Other cities in the world that are in the list of the magazine is Munich, Tokyo, Zurich, Helsinki, Vienna, Stockholm, Vancouver, Melbourne, Paris, Sydney, Honolulu, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Montreal, Fukuoka, Amsterdam, Minneapolis, and Kyoto.

Citizen of Copenhagen

Attractive option and is open for tourists while in one of these towns, a walk, feel the excitement with a happy laugh, enjoy culinary treats in cafes and restaurants. Along each of the corners of the city are bathed in summer sunshine. Maybe one day you are there.

(Source Kompas, Travel Kompas /Images Hermine S Supit)


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