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Holidays are always fun when you find attractions that line with expectations, but there are things that can support the journey that gives color to the tour itself. Find the right travel companion for your trip.

Of course you do need to find the ‘fun’ travel companion, following an article in a tourist worth reading.

Here's a list of the top ten fun travel companions.

1. Outgoing Friend. Friends like this is suitable in any situation or able to fit into any circle. They were able to overcome the problem with other people simply through hospitality.

2. First Aid Specialist. They always carry essential supplies such as antiseptic ointment for wounds, hangover, headache and fever medicine, balm, and always ready other first aid equipment.

3. 'Hangout' Friends at Night. Friends like them are included in this category can be invited to go until late at night, so no day feels empty holiday, always sparkling.

4. Healthy Friend. Of course this is a good choice, healthy traveling companion and steel balls/black hearts.

5. Financially balanced. Smart choice. Friends with the same budget, so you have the option to enjoy a trip with a variety of excitement, such as when searching for a good culinary moment to walk outside the inn.

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6. ‘Geek’ Gadgets Friends. Friends like this can bring benefits, they can assist in finding a great place to use their technological capabilities and obtain beautiful holiday photos with expertise in cyberspace.

7. Friends with a black heart /calm person. It's fun to have friends like them, because they are always relaxed and stay calm even though there is a problem in sight. They prepared for the surprises that may not always be fun on the way.

8. Lovers of Culture and Arts. Depending on the type of your trip, if you have a moment that is cultural or artistic events. Of course we need to make friends with a good artistic taste. They can bring more information about arts and culture, and add a dose of your love of the culture during the trip.

9. Helper for Dating. It becomes an interesting moment, every trip is a chance to find true love. Friends who understand who you are. Friends to laugh at your jokes, and do not mind to go along to help your situation.

10. The Survival Expert. They can help in special cases, such as looking at a map on the internet, so that you can more quickly get to the destination on the way with someone who understands the direction.

Friends can specify options that you find in the experience of travel, and the options available when choosing them wisely. A good friend of course be a very enjoyable tour.

(Source, Michael - Travel Kompas /Images V Saver, F Benjamin)


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