Save More with the "Smartphone" in Foreign Countries

Smartphones can help in a variety of application features

Communication facilities indeed spoil the user, even on special occasions when traveling abroad to different telecommunication systems. Cell phones can help us in many ways, stay connected with friends and family members at home.

Variety of features that provide convenience on the other hand also gives additional cost consequences, but always there are many ways to overcome them. An interesting article on quoted on the tourist site.

International roaming. Check if the provider of the SIM card can make international roaming on a travel destination. Contact customer service to obtain information related to telephone and SMS rates in the country.

We recommend that you use a local SIM card. Buying a local SIM card and learn the procedures that need to be completed. You can buy it at the airport (in certain countries) if the SIM card is provided and make sure the country can be used in your mobile device, especially when using a micro SIM card.

Optimize the use of WiFi. Use Free Wi-Fi as much as possible, certainly before the download WiFi Finder Application that can find WiFi in the area around you (via GPS facility).

Download the map offline. It should be used in every tourist moment, take advantage of offline applications like City Maps 2GO and OsmAnd, or optimize the use of Google Maps features.

Turn off the data roaming function or use the airplane features. Data roaming can spend resources use WiFi, its function should be turned off. Calls and text messages while you are in the status of data roaming "off" is still functioning properly. Airplane mode can save your battery and non-active status on the "push notifications", check e-mail can be done manually.

Telephone conversation preferably through applications that use WiFi. Of course for the savings credit bills, several applications available such as Google Voice, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger with WiFi support.

Save the data and information in the offline status. Perform offline activities in order to save the data with the TripIt app, all the way information is stored in the note facilities (or take a screenshot) without needing any time to open the email or browsing the web.

Limit the use of your data. Smartphone has a feature to make the data usage limits, optimize the use of its quota in order not to spend your pulse.

Download important applications before departing. This is necessary so that your trip is more focused and fun without needing any time to access WiFi, currently widely available critical applications while traveling, such as Google Translate, Evernote, Yelp, local maps app, and TripIt.

Traveled more complete when equipped with the tools that can make it easier, but good preparation prior to travel will be very helpful. Happy Traveling!

(Source Travel Kompas, Huffington Post /Images WTM 2012)


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