"Gadget" Applications in Your Vacation

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When you have holidays, in addition to preparations for the trip, there are other matters related to the development of information and communication technology. Let's say you bring a smartphone gadget that contains several applications that have been installed, but when examined further, we need to add some specific applications.

Tourist landed on Lombok

This application can help you to plan holidays that have been prepared.

TripAdvisor. Application that contains a list of recommended hotels, restaurants and various other support facilities when traveling to several countries. City Guides feature can help to orientate to the location as well as price comparison and hotel/room rates change every minute.

AirBnB. Applications that help advertise, discover, also book unique accommodations around the online world, such as apartments, villas, hotels, hostels, to private rooms.

Waze. Useful for travelers who use the vehicles when traveling to a place, contains the latest information of traffic congestion in 41 countries.

Expensify. Applications that help recapitulation costs or expenses during the trip, make financial reports.

TripIt. Travel applications that can be used to organize and share your travel plans with fellow users in detail in one place. Giving a daily weather forecast information and others.

Bringing gadgets in the end not only as a travel companion, but also help facilitate travel and leisure.

(Source chicmagz.com, travelKompas /Images F Benjamin)


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