5 Tasty and Cheap Culinary Spot in Singapore

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Singapore is a kind of stylish and impressive tourist region. There you can find a wide range of origin of the tourists, including tourists from Indonesia. Why they chose Singapore?

Many of the answers will be given, one of which is the choice of typical Singapore culinary as the destination of the tourists. A hotel operator in Singapore, Far East Hospitality provide recommendations on Singapore's best culinary center suitable for the tourists.

The following places are recommended as the best culinary choice in Singapore at an affordable price version of the Far East, Singapore.

Xiao Long Bao at Swee Choon

1. Swee Choon Tim-Sum. Dim Sum is delicious as a choice for the family. Its location opened from 18:00 pm until 06.00 am. The menu include Steamed Har Kao, Century Egg Porridge, and Savory Bread Custard Salted Egg, simply provide cost about USD 0.45 - USD 4.5 for each portion.

2. Old Airport Road Food Centre. Being a favorite of backpackers with cheap price and delicious. Here you can satisfy the taste of a flavorful menu with a variety of oysters and clams, enjoy the oysters and clams omelette into the spicy sauce, sour, sweet, and savory.

Other menus available, such as rice processed, Fried Fish and Baked Meatballs and noodles processed. Open from lunch until midnight with prices ranging between USD 0.9 - USD 9.

Curry Times

3. Curry Times. Offered a very unique atmosphere, flavorful culture and history with the feel of a typical ancient China tavern. The menu provided include Bread Curry, Chicken Curry, Curry Fish Savory Pieces.

This shop offers a snack bag of free cookies are made with a mixture of tantalizing curry. Open daily from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm. The price offered is below USD 10.

4. Food Opera. Culinary offerings with sidewalk atmosphere equipped with unique furniture and décor. Various menu options such as Scotts Beef Noodles, Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles Yong Heng, and famous Roast Duck Rice Luk Yu Teahouse and Restaurant.

Being in this place and enjoy the atmosphere of the famous Orchard Road, cause the Food Opera is located in this region. Prices range from USD 3 - USD 12. Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Food For Thought

5. Food for Thought. A unique cafe with cutting-edge technology with a self-service system. The price offered under $ 20 with a variety of menu options, Western dishes to special cuisine of Singapore.

A variety of interesting place and culinary options in Singapore for tourists, taste the local culinary dishes with different flavor typical of the real Singapore, street food or Hawker Food remains at the top of the list of recommendations for travelers.

Source: STB, Travel Kompas
Image: M Kretyawan, Swee Choon Restaurant, Curry Times, Food For Thought


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