The crowds in Malioboro ahead of Eid holidays

Malioboro Street on weekdays

Tourist area in Yogyakarta always refer to the Malioboro area, more travelers seem crowded meet all the street corners. Of course this makes local governments more vigilant so that tourists can maintain order and traffic regulations, for example, so that they do not jaywalking, but utilizing the existing zebra crossing.

Yogyakarta Tower

Malioboro area would be very crowded during Eid holidays, the streets would be difficult to pass, the automobile vehicle will slow down and cause traffic congestion.

The busy street of Malioboro

Travelers will feel a little uncomfortable because in some locations already installed roadblock to regulate vehicular traffic, as part of the local government and police efforts to maintain order in the street of Malioboro.

Malioboro at Nighttime

Crosswalk is placed on the north side of Malioboro Street and road signs divider, so that tourists who are in the region can use zebra crossings provided.

Happy Eid for Those Who Celebrate It!

(Source Antara, Travel Kompas /Images R Bungaran, Wahid Ar Photography)


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