Reduce Feelings of Fear Being a Plane Passenger

Would often meet with the people closest to you who have a phobia feeling in flight, fear can plague anyone. Especially after hearing the incident that had just occurred on aircraft owned by Malaysia Airlines #MH17.

Fear of flying, Aviophobia can hit anyone. Maybe you, is not it? Here are some suggestions flight psychologist and science writer, Jeff Wise, to overcome fear while on a plane, as it is written in an article dala a tourist site.

1. Avoid any News featuring about the Aircraft Crashed. You should look for alternatives other news, such as comedy movies or other movies.

2. Facts and Statistics about the Accident. For example, on the highway had a statistically significant higher rate of accidents than died from a plane crash. Facts would indicate a severe crash is very low with the possibility of 1 from 11 million to 1 of 29.4 million.

3. Positive Thinking. Always think and say good and positive.

4. Using Relaxation Techniques. This technique is helpful to remember that simple relaxation in flight can last long. Even a very good prayer and meditation to calm down.

5. Always Make Yourself Busy. When you're flying focus on several things, such as certain objects, such as books, magazines, iPad, video games.

6. Do not be Lazy to Seek Help. In certain cases the fear of flying can be defeated, do consult a psychologist to help eliminate fear, and also could try therapy through hypnotherapy.

7. Technology Can Help. Training available to make calm, for example App VALK Flight, a flight application scientifically developed and available on iPhone and Android.

8. Do not Postponed to Overcome Fear. The longer the time span between each flight. Your fear can grow. Should be overcome feelings of fear and do not delay your flight plans.

In the end the trip via airplane has always been one of the interesting experiences in traveling.

(Source Carol Cott Gross, Jeff Wise, Michael - Travel Kompas /Image AirAsia)


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