Youth Hostel When You Traveled in Jakarta

Say, one day a young age like you, as an example, decide to travel in Jakarta, of course many options to choose lodgings. Attractive option given by the tourism agency of local government of Jakarta, which offer you the hotel for youth.

Hotel or can be said as a hostel named Graha Wisata Jakarta, located in 2 places at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) and in GOR Ragunan with its low prices rates, ie USD 2.5 per person for students, and USD 5 for the public with standard type room AC capacity of 2 -3 people and barracks type room for 22-24 people.

AC Room Type Graha Wisata Jakarta

The ideal choice of places to stay when you are in travel with a group with meeting rooms of 50-150 people, television, bathroom, and internet access.

(Source Graha Wisata Jakarta, travelKompas /Images Graha Wisata Jakarta)


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