5 Cheapest Airlines in the World

Of course this being good news for the tourists, when they learned about the airline at an affordable price for their travel trip. As well as on site WhichAirline.com with the latest list of the cheapest airline in the world.

The list comparing the average ticket price, including the cost of the standard baggage at 20 kg, which is calculated in a one-way flight.

Female Captain in AirAsia

Here are five list of the cheapest airline.

1. FireFly - a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, domestic flights between countries in the sphere of Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia - for an average single-trip ticket USD 50.
2. VivaAerobus - Mexican airline, and domestic flights also fly to several cities in the United States - the average ticket price is $ 79.
3. AirAsia - known as a pioneer of low budgeted airlines in Asia from Malaysia, flies to more than 80 destinations - the average ticket price is about USD 82.8.
4. SpiceJet - India's airline, flying to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, and also the United Arab Emirates - the average ticket price is $ 87.
5. FastJet - airline flight operations in Tanzania, South Africa, and Zambia - the average ticket price includes miscellaneous costs around USD 100.

After seeing a list of the airline travelers make it easier to determine in the course of their choice, according to the tourist area desired.

(Source WhichAirline.com, TabloidNova, travelKompas /Images AirAsia)


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