Mid-year vacation in Jakarta Old Town

Onel-ondel of Jakarta

This tourist area continues to improve and gets the full attention of the city government represented by the Jakarta Old Town Reborn (JOTR) assisted by the Dutch Government are tried to reorganize and revive the old town area of Batavia (the city old name of Jakarta). Creative activities such as Kota Tua Creative Festival 2014 in past June was able to invite people to explore open space and historic buildings in the Old Town.

Similarly, the moment of excitement in the mid-year vacation along with the Eid al-Fitr holiday on 28-29 July 2014, the tourist area of the old town of Jakarta visited by local and foreign tourists until this Wednesday, July 30, 2014.

Various options into the center of attraction visits, such as Sunda Kelapa Harbor, House of Candranaya, Puppet Museum and the Museum History of Jakarta, particularly Fatahillah Square is the most visited, rather long queue.

When you are in this region, enjoy the atmosphere of the past. Travelling with a different atmosphere with historical value that make people curious to visit. Look at the group of foreign tourists, mostly from the Netherlands, since the area is filled with old buildings from the Dutch colonial in the past.

July to August is the peak of foreign tourists comes to this area.

(Source Antara, JOTR, Travel Kompas, Kompas /Images V Puspitasari)


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