Passport Impact for Visits to the Travel Destination

Passports plays an important role for travelers who frequently visit various tourist destinations, citing information from Good Magazine in an article written by, British passport holders, Finland, and Sweden, touted as the most influential in the world passport.

Here's a list of countries in order of ease passport holders to enter a tourist destination state.

1. The UK, Finland, and Sweden - can visit 173 countries visa-free access or ease of getting visa on arrival
2. U.S. and Germany - 172 countries
3. Canada - 170 countries
4. Australia - 168 countries
5. Countries of South America - with medium access in terms of ease of visited countries in the world

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As for tourists from Asia and Africa requires little effort into a tourist destination, they should endeavor to make the trip because of difficult access to get visa-free or visa on arrival.

It is more difficult experienced by tourists from Afghanistan (28 countries), while the passport holder from Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia with access to 31 or 32 countries.

(Source, travelKompas /Images Changi Airport)


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