Sebesi, island in the middle of Sunda Strait

When you enjoy the scent of the sea sailing around the Strait of Sunda, come on to Sebesi Island. You can depart from Pier Canti in Lampung. Of course you need to rent a boat in the group at the cost about USD 200, so that the cost can be cheaper.

The fertile small island as a result of the impact of volcanic ash produced when Mount Krakatoa erupted in 1883, bananas and cocoa into one of the main sources of farmers and some local residents into the fishermen in surrounding sea.

Marine natural beauty into the daily menu as well as the charm of Mount Krakatoa and Mount Anak Krakatoa can be seen from the coast of the island, from the Gubug Seng Village. Both mountain each "stand" side by side into a main attraction when you are on the island, and also its clear sea water with the coral reefs.

(Source Dwi Rintami - Lampung, DD Aritonang - travelKompas /Image D Rintami)


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