Countries that are Beautiful as an Photography Objects - 1

Basil Cathedral, Moskow

Travel tour synonymous with leaving a trail of memories in the form of photographic images in the attraction, you as a tourist in a destination country would want to take as many pictures that are considered attractive.

Of course, attraction is taken through image capture shooting requires its own expertise, regardless you are an amateur photograher, but it never hurts to learn a little about when the pictures were nice. For example, include equipment, film strip, composition, types of objects, such as scenery, sky, sunset and others.

Hot Air Balloon in Bagan, Myanmar

Some interesting tourist destinations for a tourist attraction, even for a novice photograher can try the following countries.

1. Myanmar. Inle Lake, or the famous temples of Bagan, temples and pagodas that stretched out the horizon.

2. Iran. In this country you can take a sunset objects in Esfahan, colorful glow in Siosepol Bridge, famous mosques object, Iman Mosque in Esfahan or Nasir al-Mulk Mosque and the Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfahan.

The donkey and the Bedouin

3. Morocco. Interesting atmosphere in the markets and the ancient desert city of red brick until the local residents object, the attractive blue Bedouin headscarf.

4. Chile. Spectacular natural beauty, glaciers and mountains of Patagonia, the Atacama plateau. The atmosphere is all natural with a series of lakes and volcanoes.

5. Russia. Interior is very challenging for a photographer, colorful dome shaped onions from the local church, various unique sculptures and gold pointy toed church in St. Petersburg.

Foreign tourist destination with a variety of photo objects which excite the photographers and tourists, providing plenty of opportunities to take the beautiful and attractive photos, for example, certain moments when the snow begin to fall.

Continued on Part 2.

(Source, Travel Kompas /Images Sonya Susilo, V Saver, Asti Sukirno)


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