Tips on Photographing in Raja Ampat from Barry Kusuma

Marine tourism area of West Papua is a region better known by foreign tourists. Especially Raja Ampat tourist area that offers a million beauty of nature, especially the nature of life under the sea.

A famous travel photographer, Barry Kusuma gave some tips for shooting in the region in a travel article.

1. Naturally, you want to take beautiful moments, even if you use a smartphone can provide very good results. Prepare spare memory cards and batteries, electrical access difficult because we will have difficulty to charge the camera.
2. Prepare your lens range of 7 mm to 12 mm to shoot the landscape objects, the tourist area of ​​Raja Ampat is a paradise of its landscape. Spectacular results can be obtained when using wide lens range.
3. The use of a tripod will help a lot when you hunt for a beautiful sunrise and sunset here.

Photographic work always give satisfaction, if you patiently waiting for a good moment, although the need to survey the location and angle shooting.

(Source B Kusuma, travelKompas /Image Setiadi Darmawan)


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