Traveling only with Passport without Luggage

Sure you want to travel anywhere, traveled to various tourist places in the world without having to be bothered with luggage, baggage, etc., enough to carry your passport and boarding the plane without luggage.

An interesting innovation from Singapore companies for travelers from Indonesia, traveling are fairly simple. The service is intended for regular travelers on a business trip, seek treatment for health, or just travel to Singapore.

Merlion Statue Singapore

Packnada, thus the name of the company. Packnada means "do not pack," can be interpreted also as "traveling with ease" and they offer services such as if you have a "personal assistant". Clothes were prepared directly in the hotel, clean and ready to use, all become more simpler.

Great service and attractive at a cost of USD 99 per trip applies to a maximum of 3 months, just leave a maximum of twenty pieces of clothing to be washed and stored by Packnada until the next trip to Singapore, including shoes, cosmetics and travelers' toiletries. Traveling in a simpler way despite being on the go.

(Source Packnada, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Images Packnada, L Pandjaitan)


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