Delicious Grill Shrimp of "Mang Engking" Yogyakarta

A dining area with natural atmosphere in the middle stretch of the pond and green rice fields, about 20 kilometers southwest of Yogyakarta, Jamur Village at Sendangrejo, Sleman.

Restaurants with its main course is grilled shrimp. In an area of ​​approximately six acres it stood 11 meal of bamboo huts and thatched roofed.

Flesh crisp and soft, spreadable sweet with honey which adds piquancy flavor of the grilled shrimp, also the shrimp menu with five others available, namely fried, boiled, oyster sauce, sweet and sour, and the sauce paddock with about USD 5.3 - 6.3 per serving. Cool place for the tourist that coming to enjoy its village atmosphere.

(Source B Rahmadi - Yogyakarta, MF Daeng - travelKompas /Image Ayun Lingga)


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