New Regulations from the TSA United States

Lambert St Louis International Airport

The new regulations you need to know if you have plans to the United States in the near future according the official press release from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on July 6, 2014, refers to any additional safety regulations for travelers who come to the United States primarily through the flight path, especially direct flights and apply at all airports in several countries with the US airport destinations.

Travelers will be asked to turn on their electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, tablets, ebook, laptops, and so can function properly as well as all of its functions. If the equipment can not function, travelers were asked to leave the electronic equipment and fly without carrying it.

Another option is to book an alternative flight again if it happens. Travelers can still use the electronic equipment in the aircraft provided in accordance with airline regulations.

American Airlines

Advice you need to consider:

- Make sure that you bring electronic equipment have a full battery before you arrive at the airport.

- If you use a transfer flight or aircraft must be moved, for example, for long-haul flights, make sure the battery of your electronic equipment is not depleted in previous trips.

- Do not bring electronic damaged equipment in a handbag when it comes to the airport.

- Make sure you arrive at the airport with the 'not too tight' deadline limit boarding. Given the many steps and procedures while at the airport, ranging from check-in process through a security checkpoint at the main area and the time at the boarding gate.

- If you buy electronic equipment in the airport, make sure the battery of electronic equipment that you buy already has sufficient power before you arrive at the boarding gate.

It is quite troublesome in a long journey to United States, but all would have a logical reason to be accepted and will be your tour enjoyable.

Source: TSA, TravelKompas
Image: Texy Hampp, American Airlines


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