AirAsia Regain Skytrax World Airline Awards

One of the prestigious awards are a measure of the quality of airline service around the world, the World's Best Low Cost Airline and Asia's Best Low Cost Airlines.

The award was given at the Farnborough Air Show, London, England, July 15, 2014 to AirAsia obtained for the 6th time.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia

Of course this is a serious work of AirAsia, through a survey of the Skytrax World Airline involving 18.9 million respondents, such as travelers around the tourism region, conducted globally, and held for 10 months to measure service quality as much as 245 airline carriers scale ranging from local to the world, related to 41 indicators of quality of products and services from an airline.

(Source AirAsia, travelKompas /Images AirAsia)


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