Visa free to Japan, Malaysia and Thailand next Indonesia

Himeji Castle

The Japanese government takes seriously the world of tourism, and as a driver of economic growth wheel. After freeing the visa from Malaysia and Thailand on July 2013, they know the potential for the development of the presence of tourists to Japan rose 61 percent approximately 630,000 people.

The annual tourist presence will be greater to reach 20 million people ahead of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 from a total of 10 million tourists per year at this time.

Heihan Shrine Kyoto

Japan visa free to be enjoyed 3 months after it was decided in June 2014 and the fastest 3 months later would apply to tourists from Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Indonesia is the largest contributor to the great travelers to find new attraction, about 140,000 people per year. While the Philippines and Vietnam, respectively 110,000 and 80,000 people.

(Source Antara, travelKompas /Images Prima W Hatmi)


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