Types of Antiques are Worth to Buy

When you are in the trip in an interesting place, it was the time to buy something you want to be a memorable moment when back home.

An interesting article on a portal website is worth considering, as it is written from the Huffington Post, they gave some suggestions antiques like what - a relatively cheap price - which is worth buying.

1. Artworks. You can you find the "real" painting at a flea market or antique store.
2. Wood Furniture. Of course you are in a hurry looking for quality furniture and try to find it without the addition for improvement or repairment.
3. Porcelain Art. Forms of cutlery or plates made ​​from porcelain.
4. Glasses works. You can choose the uniquely shaped, powerful, and still in good condition.
5. Table linens. Mainly woven and embroidered cloth, look for materials with high quality handmade which is rarely available.
6. Vase. Several versions of the model with vintage vase will provide traction.
7. Cutlery silver or silverware. Note the ornate carvings, designer names, and other details that may not be seen by the seller or anyone else.

Choosing antiques and then buy it as a memento or souvenir, it will be a special experience in the tour.

(Source Huffington Post, Hilda B Alexander - Kompas /Image E Yustika Sari)


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