Tour Around the World with Great Rail Journeys

It is a luxury tour package limited to 25 participants at a cost of 37 thousand USD, for 53 days to different countries and continents. Special trip by train is serviced by a British company, Great Rail Journeys (GRJ).

The journey begin on May 18, 2015 from London, England, then the trip will be more interesting after all tour participants use the plane to New York, United States. For three weeks using the train traveling the United States.

Here is the charm when you stop in Washington, Chicago, Denver, Grand Canyon, Hollywood, and San Francisco. Then plane to Shanghai, China and the main class cabin train to Beijing and the Great Wall of China.

There's more in this journey? True, you will continue the journey to pass through the Gobi Desert and the famous longest railway line in the world, Trans Siberian Railway and will arrive in Moscow, Russia.

The latter is exploring the continent of Europe, a stopover in Warsaw - Poland, Vienna - Austria, Prague - Czech, Venice - Italy, Paris - France, and the train finally stopped in London.

An attractive offer to the special places in the world, just like reading the fiction work of the French writer, Jules Verne, "Around the World in 80 Days".

(Source Huffington Post, GRJ, travelKompas /Images GRJ, L Pasha)


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