The hallways of the streets in Macau

When you walk in the hallways of Macau city, its really looks like the living museum with classic Baroque-style architecture of the 18th century. City with a mixture of Chinese traditions and Portuguese, prepared to enjoy their specific culinary surprises, Chinese-style Portuguese cuisine that a little bit similar in Melaka, Malaysia.

On the left side of the road there are small shops that sell antiques, jerky sweet, pastilleria and some stalls selling 'ginger milk' drinks with its viscosity similar to porridge.

Typical Macau.

A walk in the city streets in the afternoon and hunt for the typical culinary besides the delicious ginger milk, there is you can find another rich foods in Macau distinctive flavor, a blend of rich spices of Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, and American.

(Source F Prawitasari - travelKompas, H Yohana - Hong Kong /Images H Yohana)


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