A weekend in Medan

The way to the City Hall

When you get off at their new airport in a random weekend, Kuala Namu Airport, about one and a half hour if you use the taxi, may immediately flashed a keen desire to some unique place.

Merdeka Walk - the place for hangout in the nighttime

Perhaps we should try the area filled with old buildings, along Kesawan region aka known with its road Jl Ahmad Yani. The area in the past can never have become an area of Chinatown. Although now only few two-storey houses with shops on the ground floor, lined up along the way.

The Post Office

The surrounding area is also filled with ancient relics of the colonial buildings, the house of Tjong A Fie, railway station, post office, city hall and others. Only memories are left behind and feel the atmosphere of a beautiful city with their culinary riches beyond compare.

(Source Antara, J Mudas - Medan /Images N Sitompul)


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