Want to Travel to India? Interesting!

An interesting article on travel tips travel to India on a tourist site can be a reference for you and the tourists who plan a trip to India.

The article citing the travel writer, Yuliani, "Cheap Traveling around India and Nepal" describes the author's experience while two months traveling around India and Nepal. Excellent.

1. Do not let others (strangers) know that is your first time to India. You seem not to know anything, so it's easy to open an opportunities to bully/tricked.

2. Just use the guide book for the initial information only. Information rapidly changing in location. Upon arriving at the location immediately find information from locals or tourists who are traveling. Do not be shy to ask, at least at three people as the reference, for consideration.

3. Prepare always be the exact fare money for small change. To avoid the possibility of big money, without any change.

4. Always ask for help to the authorities. Since you arrive, immediately noted the important numbers. Local police, embassies or tourism center.

5. Build friendship relations in the places you visit. Greatly assist you when you are on the location of tourist destinations. Friendship can also through communities that provide a host family in various destination countries, including India.

6. Always use a polite greeting to the local people. For example, "Mister" or "Mrs. or Madam", they feel more comfortable and willing to help. "Mister" or "Mrs." gives the impression of respect for them.

There are other things that are important to prepare the journey to India, which is important to learn the words to make communication even though only a few words. The words in their languages​​, they will love you if could speak in Indian languages​​.

(Source Yuliani's travel book, NA Widadio - travelKompas, A Alana - Nepal /Images L Pandjaitan, A Alana)


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